The Cost of Violence Against Children in Australia

July 1, 2019

Violence against children is an overwhelming issue in Australia and for the first time a dollar figure has been attributed to the costs, both short and long term, of this issue.

The problem involves 154,302 children every year, or 18 every hour, and costs Australia $34.2 billion every year. In New South Wales alone, the issue costs us $11.2 billion dollars[1].

These figures are difficult to comprehend but they aim to educate Australia and raise awareness. It is likely; however, that these numbers could be even higher, as not every victim of child abuse comes forward to disclose what has happened.

At Youth Off The Streets we believe that we, as a community, need to actively and confidently make a stand against child abuse.

“We need to listen to what is happening to our young people, speak up and get help when our children are in trouble.” – Father Chris Riley, CEO and Founder of Youth Off The Streets.

Domestic and family violence is the number one leading cause of youth homelessness in Australia and also leads to a number of other adverse societal outcomes.

Young people who have been involved in the child protection system are also more likely to have low levels of educational attainment and employment, and are more likely to be involved in crimes that assist them to survive[2].

Not only is this issue costing our nation financially, but the victims of abuse can endure a lifetime of psychological and emotional distress.

Help us take a stand against child abuse and ensure that our young people have safe and supportive environments so they can reach their full potential and break the cycle of disadvantage.

[1] Chart 7.2 Deloitte Access Economics

[2] (AIHW, 2011).

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