The Success Of Fairfield Outreach

Often all it can take is a meal and a conversation to change the life of a young person.

At our Outreach Services, youth workers connect with young people in need and can help them take the first steps to accessing support.

For many young people this first step can be the most crucial and by taking the time to connect and engage with young people we can help refer them to any support they need.

At Fairfield Outreach we deliver programs to our young people who are then given the chance to meet youth workers who can help develop a more custom approach in accessing further assistance.

Our youth workers work outside regular office hours to suit when our kids need help and where. Through this approach, our team can reach more kids in the area that are in need.

Fairfield Outreach have had regular attendance every night since its opening with many of our young people having attended outreach since the service began.

Fairfield Outreach Manager, Craig Steele, said the outreach program is always moving developing and looking for more ways to support young people in Fairfield.

“Our whole focus for our outreach programs is active engagement,” said Craig.  “We are always looking for ways to improve our services and at times we need to think outside the box to do this. We are always trying to be creative in changing up the activities we do with the kids to keep them coming back.”

Since Fairfield Outreach was established it has run 181 School holiday programs with over 1361 young people, 35 community gala days and 24 intensive structured workshops.

The success that our Outreach Program has achieved, in the Fairfield community, is being recognised by ClubsNSW at the 2019 Clubs & Community Awards where St Johns Park Bowling Clubs has been nominated as a finalist for their generous support of the service through ClubGRANTS.

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