Sharing the Joys of Reading and Writing at Key College

Reading and storytelling plays a crucial role in the development of our young people from an early stage in life. It is proven to be an important tool for their education both in and out of the classroom.

At Youth Off The Streets we believe that education is crucial in helping us breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Key College, our independent high school Redfern, offers a supportive learning environment tailored to young people that may need more support than they were given in the mainstream schooling system.

Key College has a variety of unique programs that help our young people achieve their best . One of the programs that has had a profound impact on student’s learning is the ‘Picture Books Project.’

The Picture Books Project is run by a volunteer from The University of Technology Sydney, and gives students the chance to enjoy shared reading aloud and also writing and creating an original picture book that is made and kept by each student.

The project aims to spark imagination, increase confidence in reading and aid in developing the students’ literacy.  Giving our students increased confidence in reading will not only benefit them in future education but will give them the skills to continue to reading and storytelling.

Joanna Nicholson, School Manager at Key College, said the program has always been a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the kids and staff.

“The Picture Book Program has always been joyful and has promoted a love of reading amongst the young people,” said Joanna.

“The students have loved being read children’s books and that part of the program creates a calm and reflective mood in the group as they remember their own experiences as a child reading these books. It also helps young parents learn how to read to their own children and the importance of that. “

The joys of reading and storytelling has sparked creative learning at Key College as staff continue to help provide unique education for young people in need.

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