The Pauline McLeod Reconciliation Week Film Competition Winners

Our superstar film makers at The Bowen College have won the Pauline McLeod Reconciliation Week film competition! It’s a huge achievement for them and a proud moment for teachers and staff at Youth Off The Streets.

Students at our independent high school in Maroubra, The Bowen College, created their own film about reconciliation and entered the local council film competition.

The film featured beautiful imagery of crashing waves on sea cliffs followed by a series of our young people discussing the history of indigenous culture.

“Each wave represents a moment in our history that takes over and changes Indigenous Culture. The truth of our history has made us who we are today.”

The film represented our young people’s sense of pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and celebrated this year’s theme of Reconciliation Week being Grounded in Truth: Walk Together with Courage.

We encourage our young people to attend cultural events, participate in programs and learn about the world’s oldest culture and they never hesitate to jump in eager to learn.

Winning the competition means the school receives $1,000, which we’ll be using to purchase some school jumpers to keep them warm this winter!

Teaching our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people about their culture and history is so important for building connections to their communities and families. We don’t shy away from our history; rather we believe that there is courage in truth and that we’re all walking this journey together.

Congratulations to the students at The Bowen College for this fantastic achievement!

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