Pete Abel to Help Those in Need

May 23, 2019

Former detective and sports coach Pete has always loved a challenge and what better place to push himself than in the challenging and rewarding environment of The Bowen College.

Pete Abel, always had a passion for giving back, helping those in need and supporting young people. We are now lucky enough to have him as part of our team at The Bowen College

He always had a vision of himself working with kids and supporting them in some way, however life kept getting in the way. Pete hadr a successful career as a NSW police detective, raised two children and grandchildren.

“I remember when I was young sitting with my best mate around a campfire, after consuming a number of scotches, and talking about what the future held for us,” said Pete.  “We both decided that we wanted to get into helping kids in need. But, as life went by, we never got to fulfil that dream.”

It wasn’t until he was retired and ran into an old friend at a barbeque who happened to work at The Bowen College that he got an opportunity to pursue this passion.

“He asked what I was up to and if I had anything to offer the kids and I thought I can’t just sit around, I need to do something to help out. “

Pete is now at Bowen at least once a week, often on Tuesdays, doing a range of different things and helping out wherever needed.

“The most important part for me is just trying my best to give these kids a feeling of support and direction. Sometimes you forget where these kids have come from and that their day to day environment is more than challenging. On top of all of this we are trying to add the challenges of education. Even just for these kids to show up some days is an achievement in itself and is rewarding for our team. “

Pete is a great asset to the team at Bowen, working and supporting the young students to achieve their best.

During Volunteer week, we’d like to thank all the Pete’s out there that donate their time to help those in need! Without this help, we wouldn’t be able to offer the services that young people need.

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