Our Cultural Support Team’s Girls Iftar Dinner

May 21, 2019

Our Cultural Support Team held a girls Iftar dinner last Friday night at Belmore Sports Ground to give young girls from the area a chance to share a meal and break their fast together.

A Youth Worker from the Cultural Support Team said the dinner was a great event that allowed young girls of the area to share their religion.

“The main purpose of the youth Iftar dinners is to promote social cohesion. Events like this help our young people find a closer sense of identity within their wider Australian community. It gives them a chance to share their culture and religion with other young people in the area.”

After a delicious array of food was served, the girls were offered sweets and a range of activities to further engage with peers and youth workers for the night.

A young person that attended the event spoke after the dinner of what Ramadan means to her and her faith.

“Our basic understanding of Ramadan is that the fasting obligation is to feel the pain of the poor in order to increase our gratitude. It’s an increase of obedience to the creator.”

Our Cultural Support Team fills the cultural gap that a lot of mainstream services do not account for. A lot of young people of different backgrounds and religions find it hard to engage with mainstream services, our team ensure that their particular needs are met and that they feel included.

The event created a safe space for young people to pray, break their fast and share their religion with their peers. Other Iftar dinners will also be held during the month of Ramadan to give our young people more opportunities to connect and celebrate their religion in a similar way.

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