The Causes of Youth Homelessness

April 10, 2019

With 44,000 young people homeless in Australia, Youth Off The Streets is passionate about supporting young people in our community.

We believe through education and different services we can break the cycle of disadvantage. In order to do this, it is important to discuss and identify the causes of homelessness in order to place services and support where they are needed.

One of the biggest fallacies out there about homelessness is that people living on the streets choose to be there. Young people face the consequences of homelessness because of circumstances; including lack of support in their homes and their community.

For females, the most common reason for homelessness is domestic and family violence. We offer crisis accommodation that a lot of our young people utilise after being victims of domestic violence. We also offer support and referrals to other services for our young people who are struggling with these issues.

Accommodation issues are the cause of almost 35 per cent of homelessness. Our Inner West Youth Homelessness Services support over 450 young people aged 16-25 years, per year. Every young person deserves a safe place to go to sleep at night and call home. Through crisis accommodation, outreach programs and independent living and employment skills programs we are working hard with the community to address this aspect of homelessness.

About 16 per cent of homelessness is caused by financial issues. The solution to this issue goes deeper beyond simply donating money to young people. We believe that a key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage for many young people is providing them with opportunities to become financially independent. We offer support for young people to gain job skills and to access financial support.

There are many aspects to youth homelessness, extending far beyond simply what you see on the streets on your way home from work. At Youth Off The Streets, we aim to tackle all issues related to youth homelessness and provide our young people with opportunities for a brighter future.







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