Federal Budget: Young people forgotten again

April 5, 2019


APRIL 2019

Federal Budget: Young people forgotten again

Youth Off The Streets CEO and Founder, Father Chris Riley, is once again disappointed by the budget handed down by the federal government yesterday. The challenges facing young people have often been ignored and this budget is no exception. Father Riley says it is time that a ministry be dedicated to youth affairs.


“Young people are always left out of budget discussions and it is time to dedicate a ministry to youth affairs. Having this ministry will ensure that the issues affecting young people are given the care and attention they deserve.”


“The young people we help are often disconnected from the mainstream community and the harder we push them away from us, the harder they will push back. Violence, drug and alcohol use, gang activity, suicide, and poor education are all responses to constantly being ignored by those in charge.”


“I stand for the forgotten, the young people that have no voice or say, and I will campaign on their behalf whenever I get the chance. For too long, the plight of young people has been left out of budget discussions and it’s time that a ministry is created for this sole focus. Our young people are the future and they deserve more from the leaders of this country,” says Father Chris Riley.

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