Youth Off The Streets Soccer Gala Day 2019

April 4, 2019

This week Network 10 staff members joined seven of our independent schools in our 2019 Youth Off The Streets Soccer Gala Day, as part of their 10 gives initiative.

Our schools headed out to David Phillips Field at UNSW to challenge each other and the 10 team in a round of soccer games and then finals.

Principal, Cath Garland, said the day meant a lot to all the kids and staff and that the UNSW facilities were a great central point for schools travelling from all over.

“The kids have now had a few events together and are all happy to have a chat and mix up the teams, it’s a really great social event,” said Cath. “We have some kids that are new this year to Youth Off The Streets, so today is a great chance to introduce them to other kids and make them feel less isolated in whatever situation they are going through.”

Although the day was filled with friendly competition, it was also used to identify a number of talented students that will be given the opportunity to progress onto the CSSA and represent Youth Off The Streets’ schools. This is an opportunity that most independent schools do not offer and a number of our talented kids have missed out on at previous schools.

A Youth Off The Streets’ student said the event was a great chance to catch up with students from other schools.

“It’s been so much fun to meet some new people and catch up with kids we’ve met at other events,” the student said. “We’ve all built up good team spirit and when teams are low on numbers it doesn’t matter who fills in we can all chat and play together. “

T.V presenter from the Channel 10 team, Scott Tweedie, added that the event was a positive day from start to finish.

“It’s been a great day, we’ve all come together to meet new people, be there for each other and build a good sense of community,” said Scott.  “There’s been nothing but smiles on people’s faces today, even when they miss a goal; I think I’ve missed about 20!”

A big thankyou to the Channel 10 team and all of our schools for coming together and kicking some goals with us!


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