Mobile Youth Centre Semi-Trailer Visits Nundle

Youth Off The Streets’ mobile youth centre semi-trailer visited Nundle on March 25 and gave youth of the area a chance to engage with youth workers and a chance to gain support.

The trailer stopped over at Nundle on its way to Bourke.

Director of Aboriginal Services, Chris Standing, said the event gave youth of the area a fun night of activities to engage in and a chance to connect and access support from our workers.


“A really great night was had by all. We had between 20 and 30 kids all coming together to play a game of footy and joining in on different activities. We held a barbeque dinner for everyone and a lot of the kids helped us out”, said Chris.


Our Outreach programs give young people the chance to meet youth workers. It’s often the first step to accessing help. We can support young people if they’re in trouble and put them in touch with the services they need.


At Youth Off The Streets, we help young people discover their potential. We encourage them to dream big – and our programs provide the skills they require to achieve their goals.









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