Anniversary of Harmony Day 2019

On Tuesday 21 March Australia celebrates the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day, a day in which we celebrate the diversity and inclusive culture our country has sewn.

Australia is built on multiculturalism and this day allows different people of different walks of life to come together to make our country what it is today.

Every year our services take part in Harmony Day to work towards improving social harmony, and opportunities for our young people and the first step is through giving them the tools they need to succeed – a proper education.

Many of our young people come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds imaginable, but despite their race, religion, beliefs and upbringing they manage to find common ground.

Young people need to feel a part of the community in which they live and being able to express themselves through their own cultures is an important part of that process.

Sure, it is our differences that helped shape this country, but it is our commonalities that hold us together, and it is these commonalities we should be celebrating.  We celebrate our differences and it is important to do so, but we shouldn’t let these differences define us.

Connecting with your local community is the best way to celebrate harmony day. On this day we can celebrate the diversity and strengths of Australia’s many cultures, coming together to share our histories.

Let’s help our young people celebrate our diversity and create social cohesion on Harmony day in 2019.

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