Eden Gardens Morning Tea

March 13, 2019

On Wednesday 13 March Youth Off The Streets held their bi-annual morning tea at EDEN Gardens.

The morning began with a ukulele performance by the Beach Nuts to entertain the crowd.

Gary Lockhart, our manager of the street walk, then addressed the crowd and spoke about the wonderful work the Street Walk is doing to provide refuge and support for young kids on the streets in Sydney.

There was not a dry eye in the room as two students from Youth Off The Street’s The Lakes College spoke of how attending our independent schooling has transformed their lives.

“Since attending the college I’ve been able to achieve things I never would have dreamed of a year ago,” one student said. “I felt like I was doomed and had nowhere to go. The Lakes College has shown me that there are people willing to help you achieve everything you want to and the opportunities we get every day are always so unique and wonderful. I will be continuing on to do my High School Certificate next year and it really makes me feel so proud. “

Father Chris Riley, CEO and founder of Youth Off The Streets spoke at the event and thanked everyone for their ongoing support.

“Without supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to move into areas that desperately need our help,” Father said.

An acapella performance by a courageous young student from Craig Davis College continued the entertainment for the day before raffles prizes were drawn.

Several guests also had the opportunity to meet and greet Father Chris Riley, and hear him speak of the troubles our young people face.

Youth Off The Streets would like to thank our supporters at Eden Gardens, for all the hard work they continue to give, in particular the staff on the day who ensured the event was enjoyed by all.

Events like this allow Youth Off The Streets to showcase some of the work we do and say thank you to those who support us.

Keep an eye out for our EDEN Gardens morning tea in October; we hope to make the event even bigger! We look forward to seeing you then.

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