International Women’s Day at Bankstown Outreach

March 11, 2019

Youth Off The Streets’ Bankstown Outreach service celebrated International Women’s Day by involving girls in the community in a variety of activities at our centre.

This centre is dedicated to providing a friendly environment for young people to interact, socialise and meet youth workers.

Bankstown Outreach recently provided many young boys with a safe space and a variety of sports to involve themselves in.  Whilst this has had a positive impact on the young boys of the area, Bankstown Outreach wanted to use International Women’s day to reach out to more young girls in the community and provide them with a positive environment to connect and engage in self- care activities.

The theme of this year’s celebration was balance. Meghan, a Youth Off The Streets staff member explains how important it is for these young girls to have balance in their life.

“We wanted to make a safe space for girls and give them a chance to self-care. The women here balance so many roles in their lives, from being a mum or a working mum to being a volunteer or a teacher and all of these other roles they have in their lives. So we thought it was important to show them that it is important to look after yourself whilst you’re looking after all these other people in your life. That’s basically what this day is about.

Other services in the community contributed to the day by providing various activities for the girls to partake in. These involved henna tattoos, cake decorating, jewellery making and donut eating and performances to end the day.

At Youth Off The Streets we are proud to be involved in bringing communities together for events such as International Women’s Day. We’d like to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate the day and those who helped make the day possible.

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