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Sydney Grammar School’s generous donation to Youth Off The Streets

We are so grateful to those of you who fundraise for Youth Off The Streets. It’s a wonderful and active way to show support for kids in need that brings people from all walks of life together for a common cause.

So how amazing was it when we discovered one of our most committed of fundraisers for disadvantaged young people turned out to be kids themselves. That’s what we found when Sydney Grammar School donated a whopping $41,830.95 to our charity as a result of their students’ inspiring fundraising efforts throughout the year.

During 2018, the students had fun putting on bake sales and school BBQs and organising sport tournaments, trivia nights and a music gala to raise funds and support disadvantaged young people in the care of Youth Off The Streets.

Along the way the students have grown in their awareness of the issue and the grim reality of youth homelessness. Only metres away from the school’s grounds, kids their age living nearby are experiencing immense hardship, growing up in poverty and struggling to break free from the cycle of disadvantage.

The shift in mind-set and the small acts of giving have helped the students look beyond the realms of the school gates and into the wider community. The experience has helped them learn how they can make a difference and help those less fortunate to go on a safe path that will lead to a bright future.

Below is an extract of a letter written by the School Prefects to Father Chris Riley:

“At the start of the year when we invited you to come speak to our school assembly, it was in the hopes to inspire our students to shift their mind-set to one that was more aware of the world that surrounded them, specifically, the world only metres away from the school. You told us stories of the horrors of youth homelessness and the need to not only raise money, but to raise awareness for this important issue.”

Thank you to the students of Sydney Grammar School for their commitment and support.

We would not be able to deliver the vital care to our young people without the generosity of our supporters.

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