Kokoda Adventure

Late last year, some of our students from The Lakes College, Key College and Step Up went on the trip of a lifetime, travelling to Papua New Guinea to walk the Kokoda Track!

The physical and mental toll was extreme, but our young people rose to the challenge and did a fantastic job of representing Youth Off The Streets.

Many of these kids had never even travelled outside of Sydney, let alone boarded a plane to somewhere as exotic and remote as PNG. They were in complete awe of the country, the physical surroundings, the people and the memory of the soldiers who fought there.

The experience taught them a great deal about the power of mind over matter, of never giving up and the immense sacrifice that many brave Australians made so many years ago.

The students were accompanied by two teachers. Joanna Nicholson, School Manager at Key College, says:

“The young people were definitely out of their comfort zone, but due to the extreme physical and mental challenge of the trek, they learned about themselves and others in a really unique way.”

Congratulations to the young people and staff who all completed the Kokoda Track.


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