A day on the farms

November 7, 2018

This week the young people from Youth Off The Streets are visiting regional country towns as part of their Service Learning Program and along the way helping out the farming community by delivering much needed household items to those impacted by the drought.

Today young people visited different farms and got to experience first hand how farmers live and how their clothes and meals are produced.

The Lyons farm was first on the agenda and they had some sheep herding planned for the young people. Groups took turns to herd sheep and then sort them by age. There was a lot of screaming, laughing and excitement from our young people who had no idea what to do. Nicholas Lyons, a sixth generation farmer, enjoyed trying to channel their enthusiasm into something that would be of benefit to them and also the farm.

“We didn’t give them a meaningless task, we needed these sheep sorted. So it was just a matter of focusing all of that excitement in the right direction and getting a little bit done for ourselves too. There was a lot of laughter here today. There was a lot of laughter from us, watching people that have never seen a sheep being responsible for getting them from point A to point B. There was a lot of laughter from them too!” said Nicholas. “I hope the one thing they got from it was a bit of enjoyment. You know, it’s not all doom and gloom for us out here. For us, it was all about showing them where their food and clothes come from: just a bit of insight into how we do things out here on farms.”

Matt Lynch’s farm was up next where the young people learned about raising cattle and all that goes into maintaining cattle. They also learned about sheep shearing and were able to walk through an old shearing shed.

The young people were also able to take photos with a new born calf – born just the night before. Matt was great in walking the young people through the process of ensuring a safe birth and what the next few years will be like whilst raising the calf.

Benjamin Stevens summed up the day nicely saying “On behalf of Youth Off The Streets, we really appreciate the effort that the farmers have put in for us today. These kids would probably never have had an experience like this. It’s a big deal for them to experience lots of different things and to get different perspectives on life.”

Next stop for the convoy is Coonamble where an Outreach will be held with the semi-trailer provided by Linfox.

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