Reconciliation Day at KOCH!

Earlier today (31 May) Youth Off The Streets held their Reconciliation day event to celebrate Reconciliation Week. Our Aboriginal services team hosted the event at the Koch Centre for Youth and Learning and extended the invitation to the public to come and learn about Aboriginal culture, see traditional dances and hear from Aboriginal Elders.

Our event’s formalities were held in our Aboriginal Garden at the Koch centre, and started off with a welcome from our manager of Aboriginal services.  Staff young people and guests were then treated to a smoking ceremony by Uncle Ivan and Uncle Dean who spoke of what reconciliation means and the connection between Aboriginal people and the land.

We had our fantastic Aboriginal Dance group – consisting of two Youth Off The Streets employees and two young people from our services – perform two dances welcoming the crowd to the day.

Following the formalities attendees were given the opportunity to engage further in Aboriginal culture.  We had sessions discussing aboriginal tools and weapons which expanded into their connection to the land and culture. Our young people were also taught traditional dance as well as told cultural stories by elders in the Aboriginal community.

Youth Off The Streets is dedicated to reconciliation, through our Reconciliation Action plan we ensure all our staff are culturally aware and formally trained in cultural competencies and will actively embrace the principles and practices of reconciliation.

Aboriginal culture is alive and strong within Youth Off The Streets and we are proud to be able to promote reconciliation during reconciliation week of 2018.

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