A Positive Change for Alex

March 13, 2018

Alex* was having difficulties at home when he came to Youth Off The Streets but we gave him the tools to turn his life around and achieve greatness.

When he first came to one of our Western Sydney outreaches, Alex had issues managing his anger and had a stressed relationship with his mother. A new relationship and changed circumstances at home made it difficult for him to thrive and resulted in him missing school and having damaged connections with his family.  Alex was often forced by his parents to sleep outside the house and was kicked out of home numerous times.  But Youth Off The Streets was always there to support him.

Alex was a shining attendee of our drop in service and was consistently attending every week with a smile on his face and ready to help out. At 16 years of age, Alex came to us with these issues and we began helping out as soon as possible.

Youth Off The Streets was fast to connect Alex with help to ensure he was doing his best to stay in school, we also provided Alex with access to a refuge in which he stayed for three months to help ease relationships at home. Alex was able to finish his schooling, with positive comments on his behaviour and maturity through this his HSC and has since begun work in plumbing and construction.

Sadly, Alex has not been able to stay living at home, however Youth Off The Streets helped him transition into independent living through advice and help with forms.  As a congratulations for his success, our outreach team put together a house warming hamper with clothes, toiletries and anything he may need to be comfortable in his new home.

Alex still keeps in touch with our team and feels in control of his life.

*name changed for privacy

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