Sonny’s Scholarship

January 18, 2018

Every year our National Scholarship Program provides 22 young people with financial and staff support, the skills to develop their own support network and access to a personal mentor for guidance and support.

This year, one young person from our Koch Centre for Youth and Learning was successful in receiving one of our scholarships.

Sonny suffered a traumatic loss earlier this year which affected his family’s relationship with one another and put a lot of stress on the young person. During this time, the Koch Centre staff worked with Sonny to help him cope with the traumatic loss and assisted him in any way they could to get him back on his feet.

Sonny has shown incredible resilience despite his difficult family circumstances and loss. Every morning, Sonny helps his young siblings get ready for school, and then spends his school lunch breaks doing his homework because he simply doesn’t have the resources and time he needs at home.

Sonny’s perseverance and commitment to his education did not go unnoticed and he was put forward by the Koch Centre staff as a Youth Off The Streets National Scholarship applicant. He was successful and received the good news by David Koch and the Sunrise team earlier this year!

Sonny’s scholarship means he can now afford to buy the books he needs for school, pay for his school fees, and get help with anything he needs through our scholarship team – as well as his mentor. A scholarship can mean so much to our young people as they continue through education.

Sonny has shown dedication to his family, community and achieving his academic goals. Sonny’s goal is to complete his Year 12 HSC thereby becoming the first person in his family to successfully graduate from high school.

We are confident that Sonny will achieve his goal and we are fortunate to be able to be part of this journey with him.

We are very proud of Sonny and look forward to him achieving great things in life.

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