FGX Supports Our Aboriginal Services

Youth Off The Streets firmly believes that connecting Aboriginal young people with their culture and elders greatly benefits the wellbeing of communities and individuals.

Thanks to Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) we are proud to be continuing our support through Aboriginal Cultural Connections Program.

Recently, some of our Aboriginal young people based in Macquarie Fields were able to engage in a six week art program run in partnership with Danielle Mate Sullivan. Danielle, the local indigenous artist behind the colourful landmark at Edmondson Park, led our young people in developing their own mural to be shown at the Youth Off The Streets KOCH Centre in Macquarie Fields.

Through creating this artwork, our young people learned about their culture, background and Aboriginal artistry focusing on techniques of storytelling through art. Telling stories though art is a significant part of Aboriginal culture and we are proud to be able to provide these teachings and experiences to our young people.

Chris Standing, Manager of Youth Off The Streets’ Aboriginal Services says that these programs are important for Aboriginal youth.

“These programs are a part of our cultural connections programs,” he says “we hope to instil Aboriginal culture back into our young people.”

The mural (displayed above) shows two hands, one of which encompassing the Aboriginal flag and the other, depicting the Torres Strait Islander flag.  The hands symbolise the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people coming together and living on Dharawal land.

Youth Off The Streets is continuously supporting those in need and thanks to the generous support of Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) we are able to provide these fun and engaging cultural activities.  FGX recently donated $255 000 to ensure the future success of our Aboriginal Services program and we would like to express our gratitude for their commitment to enriching the lives of our young people.

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