The Convoy of Courage Arrives in Bourke!

September 8, 2017

The convoy continued from Dubbo to its final destination, Bourke. Again, the truck was opened for the local community to come and see while a BBQ was cooked. The young people on the convoy linked up with local kids as well as the existing outreach we run in Bourke. We had over 100 kids visit the convoy last night and are proud of how well they all got along and came out of their shells.

The highlight of the night was the friendly dance off held inside the Youth Off The Streets Mobile Youth Centre, between Youth Off The Streets kids and the local kids as well as the visit from the Deputy mayor of Bourke.

Prior to having dinner, the young people who attended were asked to sit in a circle, introduces themselves and say how they feel and describe their personal highlight of the trip.

Some responses were:

“I’m great and the best part has been interacting with everyone and getting to know people”

“I’m great and my highlight was Dubbo – playing footy with the boys”

“I’m great, [the highlight] is the whole trip but especially realising how good I’ve got it”

“Highlight was getting to know everyone here and [seeing] what they got and what we got and seeing the difference and feeling lucky”

Finally a Youth Off The Streets staff member followed up with further kind words to our young people:

“Most of the time we work with you face to face but here we worked with you shoulder to shoulder, it’s amazing to see you step up. Working shoulder to shoulder especially in a town like Bourke is something special”

The following morning the Mobile Youth Centre was set up again to serve breakfast with games and other activities one final time. Shortly after packing up, Youth Off The Streets staff and kids began the journey back to Sydney.

The Convoy of Courage has been a great journey that has seen young people come out of their shells and interact with one another regardless of where they are from. This has been a truly great and memorable experience for all who attended.

We would like the thank all those who supported us through this journey, whether it be through donating, volunteering or just spreading the word about our cause we are extremely thankful. Thank you to those who joined us on the convoy and those who met us in the towns we visited, you made us feel very welcome and we are glad to have had the chance to visit your area. Thank you again to Mr. Lindsay Fox for providing us with our Mobile Youth Centre. The biggest thank you goes to our kids. Thank you for showing Australia how kind, generous and inclusive you are and for making our mission and cause so worth while.

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