MP David Harris visits The Lakes College

June 28, 2017

The kids at Lakes College were treated to a special visit from the local member for Wyong, David Harris. As a former primary school principal and teacher, David Harris is passionate about education and the future of young people.

The kids had prepared questions for the visiting minister that ranged from “are politicians allowed to have tattoos?” (yes, they are) to “do you feel like you’ve achieved a lot?” He answered them honestly and understands that schools like the Lakes College are needed.

“You guys would know best, do you like a big high school or a smaller one where everyone knows you?” David asked.

“Smaller one,” echoed the young people.

“Yeah, there are advantages and disadvantages to big high schools. They can offer more subjects, but for people like yourselves they’re not very friendly places.”

And that’s why David Harris visited the Lakes College. He realises that not all young people are suited to mainstream education. Some young people need a specialised service that caters to their specific needs and that’s where independent schools, like the ones we offer at Youth Off The Streets, come in.

David Harris ended his visit saying that we need an alternate school model.

“I’ve always believed that we need an alternate school model, because high schools aren’t built for every kid and they can be quite intimidating. There is bullying and a whole lot of other stuff that goes on and it just makes it too hard for some people to stay at a normal high school,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more David! We’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit the young people at The Lakes College and we know they learned a lot about politics after grilling you with questions for nearly an hour.

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