Jack Reaches his Full Potential

May 11, 2017

Before coming to Youth Off The Streets, Jack* was a shy, self-conscious young man who had a traumatic childhood and due to unfortunate circumstances was removed from his parents and was placed in the care of his  aunty and uncle.

Youth Off The Streets first met Jack at a school program where he made great connections with our Aboriginal youth workers.  Since being introduced to our youth workers, Jack has been a consistent attendee with our Aboriginal Services team based out of the KOCH Centre for Youth and Learning in Macquarie Fields.

Jack suffered a lot in his formative years. He watched his parents as they abused drugs and alcohol; he was removed from his family at a young age, both of which had a dramatic impact on his development.  Immediacy after joining our services, Jack attended our first ever dance program and participated and excelled in that program. We were told by his guardians and teacher that he absolutely loved the dancing and could not wait to show them what he had learnt.

Over time, our youth workers built on the relationship with Jack and he knew that he could discuss issues that were affecting him. He felt comfortable telling us about his traumatic past and the issues he was currently facing. When young people start doing that, you know there is an element of trust and respect in the relationship. That’s when we can really help them progress and unlock their full potential.

Jack has achieved so much at Youth Off The Streets, he has participated in every cultural program that we offer. He has consistently represented Youth Off The Streets to the highest regard and has grown as a person.

Since joining Youth Off The Streets Jack’s self-confidence has grown significantly and we believe he is beginning to reach his full potential. We see Jack as a future leader of the community who will help other young people achieve their dreams.

We would like to thank Future Generations Fund, who fund our Aboriginal Services programs.  Without their support we wouldn’t be able to help young people like Jack.

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