A Special Visitor

May 11, 2017

Earlier in April Youth Off The Streets received a special visit to our offices in Mascot. It is not often that we have families coming into our head office so it drew some attention, however before long we realised that this visit was definitely positive news.

Youth Off The Streets staff had the pleasure of meeting 7 year old Lucinda, who with the help of her older brother Thomas, managed to raise over $775 for Youth Off The Streets!

Lucinda was inspired to help other children her age who she realised did not have the same opportunities she had. She was aware that many kids her age do not have a home and she was motivated to help put a stop to that.

With this in mind, Lucinda came up with the brilliant idea of doing a market stall at French Forest Organic Markets to raise funds for Youth Off The Streets.  Half of the items sold were Lucinda’s and Thomas’s old toys and books and a painting that that was created by Lucinda’s aunt for the purpose of raffling at the stall on the day. The other items were donated by Lucinda’s grandmother and consisted of babywear that she makes and sells at other markets on the south coast.

The young siblings have always been quite active in giving to people. They are taught at their school to be very charitable and it’s a message their parents back up at home through their own charitable donations and work.

This is the first time the two of them have organised an event such as this, but it definitely won’t be the last! Lucinda and Thomas are both excited to make this market stall an annual event and have some ideas on how to improve it next year. They have plans to involve their friends as well as to ask for items to donate next year. It is amazing to see such strong initiative from such young people.

Fundraising initiatives really make a difference to Youth Off The Streets, and we were particularly touched by this one. A big thank you to Lucinda, Thomas and their family, we hope you continue to fundraise for us in the future!

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