Sydney to Surfers bike ride update: days 5 and 6.

Day 5 was very difficult for all the cyclists. The day included some very big hills for our riders, many of which did a phenomenal job and pushed themselves to their limits. A big shout out to pack 1 for helping our young people get up the steep inclines, they’re very appreciative of your help.

Today was a big mental and physical challenge for our young people.  Many of them were in excruciating pain and really wanted to give up but they pushed themselves and encouraged each other to reach their full potential.

The volunteers and cyclists are so proud and amazed at how fit, determined and positive these young people are.  They have showcased great riding skills and team cohesiveness which has not gone unnoticed with the other volunteers and cyclists.

The young people are fatigued but very determined to get to the end without giving up.

Another fantastic effort from our young people on day 6. We had some of our young boys join pack 1 and pack 3 and successfully completed the entire day.  They had some big shoes to fill and kept up with the big boys for the whole day which is a testament to their hard work and commitment to training.

We also had some students join pack 6 today to say thank you for their hard work in fundraising for the Youth Off The Streets Everyday Hero. The young people are very appreciative of everyone’s efforts in raising funds.

During the dinner the young people introduced themselves to different packs. All the cyclists and volunteers think so highly of our young people and couldn’t be more proud on how far they have come.

All the young people and staff are so proud that they can finish Day 7 with good spirits and together as a team.

Thank you to Northside Cyclery in Chatswood for the donated gear that was gifted to our young people.

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