Harmony Day – Enjoy Your Common Humanity.

March 21, 2017

On Tuesday 21 March Australia celebrates Harmony Day, a day in which we celebrate the diversity and inclusive culture our country has sewn.  Australia is built on multiculturalism, different people of different walks of life coming together to make our country what it is today.

When I think of multiculturalism, I look to my kids.  Some of them come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds imaginable, but despite their race, religion, beliefs and upbringing they manage to find common ground.  My kids treat each other with the utmost respect and are the shining example of discrimination having no place in Australia.

Sure, it is our differences that that helped shape this country, but I argue that it is our commonalities that hold us together, and it is these commonalities we should be celebrating.  We celebrate our differences and it is important to do so, but we shouldn’t let these differences define us.

Youth Off The Streets is holding a variety of Harmony Day events in celebration of the day and encouraging social inclusion. When young people attend our Outreach they have access to fun activities and programs including sports, music and dance, education, volunteering and community projects. These programs are all about connecting with local communities, building relationships and networks, and addressing social isolation and exclusion.

Connecting with your local community is the best way to celebrate harmony day. Joining the festivities in your area or social community encourages discourse on what can be a controversial topic.  We as a nation need to come together and support each other despite our differences and this can only be done through building a foundation of commonality.

This harmony day make sure you get involved with your local community and realise your multiculturalism. I implore you to celebrate, talk about and enjoy your common humanity.

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