From Bourke to Sydney: Trading the bush for the Beach

On Wednesday 8 March a group of young people from Bourke led by the Youth Off The Streets Bourke Outreach team began their 10 hour drive down to Sydney, arriving exhausted late on Wednesday night.

Many young people on the trip had never seen the ocean before, but they had to go to bed before journeying to the beach in the morning. It was like Christmas morning for the kids from Bourke as they made their way down to Wanda beach (Cronulla) where they had surfing lessons booked, unfortunately the beach was too rough for our young people to go out and surf. Instead, they were taken to a local ocean pool and bay to swim and enjoy the water.

They were excited to swim in the ocean and due to the rough surf waves were crashing over them in the pool. After a dip, the group went to Moore Park to see the tight game between the Sydney Roosters and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. The young people of Bourke love rugby league and they play it throughout the year no matter the temperature! They were thrilled to watch their idols live in action.

After a gruelling day of exercise, swimming and footy, our young travellers arrived the next morning again at Wanda beach to surf, unfortunately the surf was too rough to swim so the group played footy on the sand and moved to Oak Park for a swim in the ocean pool with their boards.  A few of the group managed to stand on the boards in the pool, but they weren’t on a wave so the standing was unsuccessful.  The group finished off the day with a trip to Sky Zone and some shopping.

Youth Off The Streets is proud to run programs that ensure our young people in rural areas are given the opportunity to visit and experience things they may not have had the chance to. Some young people from these areas may never have seen the ocean before and we do our best to introduce them to new and exciting things within a safe environment.

The young people of Bourke who attended the trip were fantastic to travel and work with, our youth workers surely got as much out of the trip as the young people!

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