Determination pays off

February 28, 2017

George* came to Youth Off The Streets in 2014 at one of our Western Sydney outreaches and has displayed dedication and determination in continuing to make positive life choices.

Identified as a future leader, George is an extremely valued young attendee of outreach who is well respected by peers and workers alike.  His qualities as a leader were grown in a leadership camp held in 2015 at Fitzroy Falls which involved days full of teamwork and problem solving activities.

George also played a crucial part in the Youth Off The Streets annual NAIDOC Oz Tag tournament where he actively rallied his team and calmed tempers when things got heated.  His cool demeanour and sportsman-like conduct was noted by his peers who identified him as the Most Valued Player of the day.

At the Youth Off The Streets Presentation Night, George was acknowledged as a stand out member of his outreach, and accepted his award with modestly and pride.

George reluctantly left school after year 10 to begin working in demolition and labour.  Despite enjoying school he made the difficult choice to leave so as to support his family through work.  Youth Off The Streets has, and will continue to aid George in his personal and professional life, although we have no doubts that he is on the path to success.

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