Glen Joins The Army

February 15, 2017

In September 2016, Youth Off The Streets saw Glen* off as he left to start training in the army.

In and out of trouble with the law, Glen realised that he needed to change his lifestyle, so he came to our Fairfield Outreach in 2015, struggling with school and employment but also having difficulties with alcohol and drugs. Glen was a consistent attendee of our programs and workshops since joining us; he showed determination in making positive life choices and getting his life on-track.

With the help of Youth Off The Streets’ staff, Glen learned new life skills to help him overcome barriers and work towards his goals. In February 2016, after months of help from staff and drastic improvements in his life choices, Glen submitted his application for the Australian army and was successful. He had worked hard on his physical and mental health, studied and weighed up all the challenges he would face, was able to get off drugs and take a major step towards a new and positive life.

In celebrating his send off, Youth Off The Streets provided Glen with a $400 starter kit for his transition into the Army which included a suit, iron, watch, thongs and various other essentials to make his time in training as easy as possible.  Youth Off The Streets is proud to help Glen, and will continue to help others like him.  Kids can make positive choices to turn their lives around; sometimes they just need some help.

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