Joshua Te Tai – from trainee to manager

December 23, 2016

For the past three years, Youth Off The Streets has had the privilege of employing Joshua Te Tai to work at our Holroyd outreach. Josh’s dedication to his work, determination and positive attitude has allowed him to be promoted from a Trainee Youth Worker to a Youth Worker, and most recently, Manager of Holroyd Outreach.

Josh started working at Youth Off The Streets in November 2013 and has performed his duties with passion and enthusiasm.  In his time at Holroyd Outreach, he has worked hard to build respect and trust with the young people of Holroyd. In doing his job well, he has also earned the admiration of his colleagues.

“I contacted Youth Off The Streets who told me to apply for a trainee position,” says Josh “I took the role with passion and enthusiasm, finished my study ahead of schedule and in 2015 I became a qualified Youth Worker. As soon as I became a youth worker I knew that the next logical step in my development would be to become a manager. My opportunity came sooner than expected but I felt ready and I am glad that management thought so to.”

Josh loves being a youth worker and supporting the young people at Holroyd Outreach. Giving young people new experiences and watching them grow as people inspires Josh to do more.

“I think my favourite part of my Job is providing young people with help, support and experiences that they may have never experienced before”, says Josh. “Witnessing the growth of young people from when they first enter our service to where they are now is very fulfilling and motivates me to make sure we are always improving and meeting the needs of our young clients.”

Kim Lenard, former Holroyd Outreach Manager and current Program Manager of Blacktown Outreach says that Josh has a strong bond with the young people in the area. “If he (Josh) is not around for a few weeks the young people ask where he is.” She says, “He goes above and beyond when helping young people.”

Youth Off The Streets works locally and employs within the community to ensure that the young people we work with have the best access to the local area and services.  Josh has been a fantastic addition to the Youth Off The Streets team and the Holroyd family, we look forward to the work he will do with us in the future as the manager of Holroyd Outreach.

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