Young person obtains paid traineeship position

James* grew up in an unstable home environment, being the oldest of his 3 siblings he never knew his father and his mother has a drug addiction and has been in and out of care for most of his life.

As a result, James has struggled with his own drug addictions growing up and also served time in jail for serious criminal offences. James has struggled in other areas of his life as well and has not able to complete school or obtain employment – that is until he got involved with the Logan Outreach program.

Over the past 18 months, James has been released from prison and has not committed any further crimes. He is not using drugs and has been involved in regular exercise which is helping him to improve his physical and mental wellbeing.

Unfortunately James has faced further challenges resulting from his mother moving out of their rental property and leaving James in substantial arrears. Despite these and other difficulties James has demonstrated to be a resilient young person who has remained positive and determined to improve his future.

His determination paid off recently when our staff at Logan Outreach came across information about a traineeship position in land management and conservation. The 18 week paid traineeship supplied all training equipment, onsite practical and theory training and Certificate II on completion.

The Outreach team immediately referred James along with another six young people to do the traineeship. The staff helped him construct his resume and organised clothes for him to wear to the interview.

James was successful in securing the job after attending a group interview and was told he would commence work the following week.  James has now been working in the position for two weeks. He is enjoying it and showing great commitment and work ethic.

The team at Logan Outreach is proud of how far James has come and will continue to work, support and encourage this young person in any way, providing him with any other necessary assistance he might need along the way.


*Name changed for privacy reasons.


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