Students murals represent culture through art

July 12, 2016

Students from Youth Off The Streets Chapel School worked together with local community to create two murals that represent the rich multiculturalism of the area.

The Chapel School team contracted a professional artist to guide the young people through the project. The artist ensured that young people brought their visions to life and the quality of the end product matched the young people’s vision.

John Martin, School Manager at Chapel School, facilitated the day and said that the project helped the young people engage with local community, develop artistic skills and learn about different cultures within Holroyd.

“The young people researched, designed and assisted in painting the murals. They were actively involved in every phase of the project, which involved researching the key cultures that are in the local Holroyd area. They now understand the role that many different cultures play in creating a cohesive community” he said.

The story and meaning behind the murals can be described as follows:

Mural part 1:

The mural depicts a brick wall being smashed down with the words IT’S YOURS breaking through. Within these words is the world map.

Meaning: Our students continually put walls up in front of themselves which stop them from becoming who they truly are and prevent them from having control of the part they play in the community. By breaking down the wall, they are able to give back to the community and become the best version of themselves.

Mural part 2:

The mural depicts ten flags in an arch shape surrounding the words #YOTS

Meaning: Our students believe that they only way you can break down the wall is with the help of community so the students researched the key cultures that are in their local Holroyd area. The ten flags represent the main nationalities and cultures in the community and recognise those that have assisted our youth.  The hashtag #YOTS represents the current culture of young people today and how the use of social media has made it possible to reach out to the wider community in order to both help and be helped by them. It is no longer about a specific individual; it is about the wider cultural community that influences an individual and their life choices.

The hope is that people will take a photo in front of the arch to show they have been supported by the wide range of cultures in our community.

What’s next for our young people?

The team at Chapel School is planning to once again work with local community to design a third mural representing the cultural history of their school. The team is also looking into hosting a small multi-cultural school day to invite local community members to and celebrate being part of a multicultural and inclusive community.

Mural part 1:

Mural 1

Mural part 2:

Mural 2

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