Craig Davis College: A Year in Review.

During 2015, Craig Davis College provided an alternative education facility to 38 disengaged young students in the Illawarra area.

Craig Davis College responds to each young person individually and in a more personal environment to best approach their learning potential. The College offers opportunities outside mainstream education to better connect their youth with relevant and fun learning experiences.

2015 saw significant progress for our young people in the school with 10 students being successfully eligible for the Record of School Achievement, nine students sitting the Year 10 exams with four of these students performing at a high standard across all year 10 students sitting the exam.

Outside standard academia, our students participated in a number of alternate learning experiences to boost their life skills, self-esteem and employability. Three students from the college participated in work placement, six students applied for a School Based Traineeship at Illawarra Retirement Trust, 10 students participated in the Illawarra Trade Road Show and a further four completed their first aid course.

Professional development is a key component at Craig Davis; however the team of staff and volunteers also work with these young people on personal development. The program addresses issues such as harassment, drug and alcohol use, self-image, conflict resolution, puberty, sex education and hygiene in a private and supportive environment.

The learning environment provided by Craig Davis College is beneficial in keeping young students on-track during their later years of schooling.

With the assistance of Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets, these students were able to engage with their school and other opportunities.  The Craig Davis College program has been successfully running since 2013 with every year being more successful than the last.

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