Sarah’s road to independence

July 7, 2016

In late January, one of our staff members was approached by a young girl called Sarah* who expressed an interest in getting involved in our Mentoring Program. Sarah was completing her Year 12 studies through Step Up at Youth Off The Streets and communicated that she wanted a mentor to provide support in her career aspirations, school studies and learning to drive.

After a week of seeking an appropriate mentor, we matched Sarah with long-time volunteer and mentor, Norm Nolan. Sarah was aware just how important it was to be able to drive. A Provisional License would provide further opportunities in seeking employment, accessing tertiary education as well as transporting her family. Norm Nolan was just the person to help her get a provisional license.

Norm jumped at the mentoring opportunity, and once a week for five months, Norm made the 90 minute trip from North Sydney to Merrylands to take Sarah driving for a three hour lesson after school. During this time, Norm and Sarah’s relationship grew significantly and the two developed a strong friendship. Since late January, Norm has provided Sarah with over 40 hours of driving experience as well as supporting her in her school studies, job seeking skills and general guidance.

Today, Sarah successfully passed her Provisional Drivers test on her first attempt! This is an amazing accomplishment for anyone that’s ever had to sit a driver’s test and a testament to the generosity, support and value that our volunteers and mentors provide to our young people on a daily basis. We hope this is the first of many good news stories in Norm and Sarah’s mentoring journey and look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in the future.


*Name of young person has been changed for reasons of confidentiality.

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