Our Cycle of Courage.

Recently, two students from our Merrylands campus (Key College), participated in their first Parramatta Club road race.

Glen* (year 11) and Charlie* (year 10) were nervous on the morning of their first official club race, however they did themselves proud in completing the race.

Glen placed first in his grade and will be pushed up to the next grade next race as a result of his effort. Congratulations Glen on the promotion and good luck in the next grade!

Also in the same grade, Charlie finished strong in third, a surprising result as he decided to add extra challenge to his ride by taking a wrong turn adding an additional 3 kilometres to the 22 kilometre race. Sometimes you’re just enjoying the journey a little too much!

Both boys were well supported by their families alongside staff from Youth Off The Streets.

Special mention to Mark* – who trained hard for the event but was unable to compete due to equipment failure. Mark is back at training and is looking forward to the next race.

All three boys also partook in the 2016 Sydney to Surfers race on April 30, with Glen and Mark riding the full length – a whopping 828km.

At Youth Off The Streets, we encourage our young people to take part in events like this as a way of getting exercise, connecting with their peers and connecting with their community.  We hope that this positive result encourages other young people to participate in the next Parramatta Club road race held on Saturday 23 July.

Congratulations to all three boys, and good luck with the next race.

For more information on the Cycle of Courage program, please contact Dion Reed at: DionR@youthoffthestreets.com.au

*Names changed for privacy.

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