Do Something Day – feeding the hungry

NewsLocal and ClubsNSW, under the Your Local Club brand, partnered this year to celebrate the inaugural Do Something Day, Australia’s biggest ever celebration of random acts of kindness – and the country is now better off for it!

Youth off the Streets was no exception and was the beneficiary of St Johns Park Bowling Club’s generosity. Using huge, industrial ovens, they were able to cook 300 pies and 300 sausage rolls in two hours to feed many disadvantaged young people and the homeless – they even had some celebrity help from Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules chefs Sammy and Bella and rugby league legends Steve Mortimer and Terry Lamb.

First stop for the 600 pastry delights was Fairfield Outreach at the Villawood Family Park. On arrival, 60 pieces of food were dropped off for the 20 or more young people to enjoy. The line-up was immediate and the young people really enjoyed the change of food. As the last morsel of food was travelling down their oesophagus, they were straight back into the fiercely competitive basketball game that was momentarily paused to make way for the meat-filled pastries!

Next stop for the remaining pies and sausage rolls was Don Bosco Home. The home is a crisis refuge and is part of the Inner West Youth Homelessness Service. It provides a safe place to live for homeless young people, giving them the opportunity to get back on their feet. The young people currently staying their enjoyed the pies and sausage rolls that night for dinner, which is good because they might be having it a few times in the next week!

The final stop for the sausage rolls and pies was the food van. It’s Youth Off The Streets’ longest running service. The organisation was established in 1991 and back then, it was just the food van. It’s the only service that is completely run by volunteers and it goes out 365 days a year. The patrons at Kings Cross were quick to line up for the pies and sausage rolls, and were just as quick to devour them. The professionally cooked meat-filled pastry was something new for them and they appreciated it.

This is what Do Something Day was about, small acts of kindness. St Johns Park Bowling Club generously gave up their oven for two hours in the morning. The result was 600 pies and sausage rolls that were used to feed many disadvantaged and homeless young people.

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