Cycle of Courage team: trial by Bathurst

April 22, 2016

Eleven students from Youth Off The Streets and four staff tested their endurance over a 110km course, cycling from Blayney to Bathurst (B2B) on the first weekend of the school holidays. This is the first event of the year for the Cycle of Courage team who had spent the first school term training for the race.

The B2B is a fundraising event for the NSW Central West Headspace mental health service. The Cycle of Courage Team overcame many challenges and obstacles to complete the endurance ride. Grazes and scrapes playing spotlight the night before, empty asthma puffers, dead kangaroos, hills, falls and overcoming the physical and mental barriers of such a ride were just a few of the challenges.

By the end of the ride the team were hot, tired and hungry but proud of themselves for completing the gruelling race. To train for something for five weeks, to travel to Bathurst away from their comfort zones and to ride 110km is a serious achievement for our young people. Their faces lit up and they were brimming with confidence and self-belief – something they all need! That is what makes the Cycle of Courage Team such an important part of their journey.

The next event for the club is the Sydney To Surfers ride on 30 April. A group of 10 students will ride from Hornsby to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, a 956km journey. Our advice to the current crew is to not throw away your gel seats on the start line; it turns out they come in handy when you’re riding for days at time.

If you would like to support our Sydney to Surfers team please click the link below to donate:

About the Cycle of Courage team

The Cycle of Courage riding club is a way of offering students new opportunities. It uses physical activity to empower students to overcome challenges, develop supportive relationships being part of a team, practice self-discipline and perform acts of generosity.

Students from the various schools participate in a range of events from regular cycling with Parramatta Cycle Club, after school rides and fundraising events on the Cycling NSW season calendar.

For further information about the Cycle of Courage Riding Club contact Dion Reed on 02 9721 5700.

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