Harmony Day

Every year, Youth Off The Streets will take the opportunity to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity during Harmony Day on 21 March. It is a day where we celebrate Australia’s diverse and inclusive multicultural community and educate young people about the various cultures within the community.

This year’s theme is ‘Everyone Belongs’ – a very important message to send to our youth if we are to reduce or even eradicate racial discrimination in Australia.  It is important to educate young people about varying cultures but it is equally as important that we make them aware that essentially we are all the same, with the same human needs.

It is a message that Youth Off The Streets Outreach programs bring to the young people in the communities they work with. Young people need to feel a part of the community in which they live and being able to express themselves through their own cultures is an important part of that process.

When young people attend out Outreach programs they have access to fun activities and programs including sports, music and dance, education, volunteering and community projects. These programs are all about connecting with local communities, building relationships and networks, and addressing social isolation and exclusion.

Our Outreach Services are effective at creating social harmony because the more young people learn about each other and their culture, the more likely they are to understand and accept one another. This, in turn, allows young people to find similarities among themselves and develop meaningful friendships based on common ground.

This Harmony Day, it is important to get involved and take part in local community celebrations and events.  Let’s work together to promote harmony and social cohesion by celebrating what makes us different and what we have in common.

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