EDEN College end of year celebration

November 30, 2015

Youth Off The Streets is inviting the community to help celebrate the achievements of the young students from Eden College who have, despite the barriers that they face, graduated from their school year.

The school is opening its doors to the public for their annual Graduation Day on Monday 7 December from 10:00am, celebrating the 34 young people who will graduate years 9 and 10 at the school. The ceremony will be held at 86 Parliament Road, Macquarie Fields.

The day is an opportunity to show support for the young people in the program who despite facing poverty, neglect, emotional and physical abuse, or homelessness, have overcome these challenges to complete a year of education and continue their path out of the cycle of disadvantage that their families often face.

Youth Off The Streets believes education is the key to preventing these young people from becoming reliant on welfare and suffering the effects of prolonged social isolation.

“Young people facing these challenges are more in need of the skills and self-confidence provided through education that allows them to, not just survive, but thrive throughout their lifetime”, Founder and CEO of Youth Off The Streets, Father Chris Riley, said.

“We have developed our schools with an understanding that mainstream education is not a good fit for all young people, some require a more individualised and flexible approach to their learning which is centred on a young person’s interests and skills.”

“The Graduation Day is an important milestone for these kids and a part of their journey towards achieving greatness within and making positive life decisions. We encourage the local community to get involved, as it is amazing how much difference it can make to our kids when they know that somebody out there cares about them” he says.

Youth Off The Streets currently has four independent, accredited high schools throughout NSW, reengaging young people who have become disengaged with mainstream education, through reigniting a passion for learning by structuring the curriculum so that it builds on each individuals strengths.

For more information on the schools provided by Youth Off The Streets, visit www.youthoffthestreets.com.au or contact them on info@youthoffthestreets.com.au or 02 9330 3500.

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