Young people get together to create music at Koch Centre For Youth and Learning

October 30, 2015

The Aboriginal Services within Youth Off The Streets Koch Centre for Youth & Learning recently ran the Adapt Program, an Aboriginal Services Program consisting of a six week music writing and recording workshop for young people.

The program aimed to engage young aboriginal people and help them to better connect with their peers and local community in a fun and interactive manner. Throughout the day, participants worked together to learn how to write songs, make music and eventually produce and record their own track inside the Koch Centre’s recording studio.

This experience provided a group of eight young people with the opportunity to be creative and share ideas with each other in a supportive environment. Participants were encouraged to have a say but also listen to each other’s opinion and make joint decisions.

Feedback from the head Youth Worker in charge of the project was very positive.

“At first the young people were shy and a bit hesitant, but once the Banton Brothers started to create the beats with the young people’s help they were all very positive and couldn’t wait to get in the studio! Everyone was so supportive of each other and encouraged everyone to do their best.”

The program was a collaborative initiative between the Koch Centre for Youth and Learning and New Zealand born musical duo Banton Brothers. The Banton Brothers moved to Sydney to pursue a professional musical career. They have been involved in writing, producing, and coaching a diverse range of people and will continue supporting organisations helping Australia’s youth.

Listen to the track below!

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