Father Chris Riley in the media, combating Muslim Extremism

October 14, 2015

Father Chris Riley, last week, went on Ray Hadley’s show to give his thoughts on Muslim extremism and how we need to act going forward.

Listen to Father’s interview with Ray.

The interview caught the attention of Australia’s media machine and it wasn’t long before The Australian’s Ean Higgins got in touch to interview Father Chris Riley on the topic as well. A great piece was produced as a result.

Following the piece in The Australian, The Today Show also wanted to speak to Father Chris Riley about the topical issue, you can watch that interview here:

FCR doing his stuff

His message throughout this process is pretty clear: we must stop posturing in the media and start taking action at a local level. It’s why Youth Off The Streets was so quick to implement a Muslim team at Bankstown Outreach that focuses on creating experiential programs. More on this in the future, so stay tuned!

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