Girl Rising – inspires disengaged young people to better themselves

September 11, 2015

Our Fairfield Outreach team took a group of young girls to see the documentary Girl Rising during refugee week.

Girl Rising is a film that follows nine young women from different parts of the world, all of them facing extremely difficult circumstances. The film depicts some confronting scenes, so why would we take a group of disengaged young people to see it? Vanessa Voigt, Youth Worker at Fairfield Outreach, says it best

“The film taught our young people that no matter where you come from, or what circumstances you are born into, you can always find freedom through education. The documentary followed nine young girls born in unforgiving circumstances and how they used the opportunity of education to better themselves, their families and how they were able to pass that on to their local community,” she says.

After watching the documentary, the Fairfield team sat together with the girls and discussed the film. The girls were able to share their thoughts, share what parts of the story were difficult to watch and what parts they could relate to. Some of the feedback from the girls was really positive:

“I thought it was interesting. It gave me an understanding about young women and their life and how they live without having money, schooling, food and their families”

“The movie was rather interesting as it showed a wide range of difficulties that young women experienced whilst growing up in different countries. Definitely makes you think twice about your life and life experiences. Being grateful for what you have, the movie shows that.”

“I thought it was very interesting I got to learn about lives of girls from different cultures so now I have a better understanding and a better perspective on life.”

“The movie gave me a lot of curiosity throughout it all and it gave a powerful message to the viewers about how important education is for girls”

So the girls had a positive experience, but what does that mean for the future? The Fairfield Outreach team says the young people have begun to find their own inner strength and have taken steps to better themselves. The young girls have started engaging more at our Outreach and two of the young people have enrolled in a certificate two in Beauty at TAFE and another girl is volunteering at an animal shelter.

It is important to share our stories, both our stories of struggle and success, to walk a mile in another person’s shoes and to see life through another person’s eyes. Only then can we learn more about ourselves and our community around us.

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