D.Minor to represent Australia at World Championships of Performing Arts in the US

One of our National Scholarship Recipients, and rising hip hop artist, D.Minor recently sat down with us to discuss his latest success. D.Minor was chosen to represent Australia at the World Championships of Performing Arts in the US. The competition runs over two weeks and it is a big achievement to be selected out of 75,000 applications.

YOTS: Can you tell our audience your artist name and just a bit about your act?

D.Minor: Yea, my artist name is D.Minor. That’s my stage name. I’m a recording artist, a hip-hop artist. I write and record all my music, I shoot music videos to my music. Most of my lyrics are about life experiences and difficult situations that I’ve been through.

YOTS: Do you have an album out at the moment? A demo? An EP?

D.Minor: Yea, at the moment I have a mix-tape coming out in a few weeks. I’ve got lots of stuff on YouTube. Most of my music is on my social media channels, I’ve got a Facebook fan page set up and most of my music gets thrown on there too.

YOTS: How did this opportunity with the world championships of performing arts come about?

D.Minor: There was an application process where all artists from around Australia put their submissions in and after a long period of judging the applications, they got back to me. They said ‘we’d like to have you on board, you’ve been selected, we think your lyrics are positive and we understand the message you’re trying to send.’ It was great to be chosen to represent Australia.

YOTS: What did it feel like to be chosen from 75000 applicants?

D.Minor: I was so excited. As soon as I read it, I had to read it a few times, I was just extremely happy. I started setting goals immediately to work toward. The goal setting will help me win awards when I’m over there and allow me to make the most of my time.

YOTS: What do you plan on performing at the world championships?

D.Minor: I’m planning on performing a few songs that I’m working on at the moment. I’ll probably perform a song called ‘Big Dreams’.

YOTS: What will you be doing while you’re over there at the world championships?

D.Minor: I’m over in Long Beach for two weeks. The first week is more about meeting the other representatives. We go as the Australian team and we just get to meet everyone. We get to do fun activities, like go to Disneyland, Universal Studios and there are a lot of meet and greet opportunities during the week. The second week is the actual competition where we do workshops and lead up to the actual performances.

YOTS: What do you hope to take away from the experience?

D.Minor: I want to create connections and opportunities to just network with people in the industry. To dream big I would like a record deal – that would be the ultimate goal. To be able to go over there and record music through a label would be a dream come true.

YOTS: You’ve performed at a few Youth Off The Streets events, do you have a favourite?

D.Minor: It was graduation night for Youth Off The Streets last year. It was at Bankstown Sports Club. It wasn’t an organised performance. Kochie (David Koch) was hosting the night and he was reading out my achievements through Aftercare (a Youth Off The Streets service) and it had hip-hop artist written as an achievement. He put me on the spot and asked me to perform. That was pretty cool, I really enjoyed that. To perform on the spot… I love those sorts of challenges.

YOTS: I remember that! I remember the lyrics being quite inspirational, what song did you perform that night?

D.Minor: It was just a verse. I sang the second verse of Big Dreams.

YOTS: Oh cool! I saw you perform at the Bankstown Outreach end of year party last year as well. What songs did you perform there?

D.Minor: I performed a song called Heaven or Hell.

YOTS: Have you got any concerts coming up?

D.Minor: I don’t actually. I usually have something every week.

It was great to have a chat to D.Minor and we wish him all the best at the World Championship of Performing Arts. You can track D.Minor’s progress on his social media channels:

D.Minor on YouTube

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