Scholarship recipient a flourishing genius

April 12, 2015

Applications for our 2015 National Scholarship Program are about to close. If you’re a young person struggling financially, unable to achieve your goals, then apply now before it’s too late.

Alex applied and was accepted into the program in 2013. His first year in the program was completed in 2014 and he achieved some amazing things. We sit down and have a chat with Alex and find out what a young person can achieve with a little help.

YOTS: What was your first year of Uni like? Describe the experience.

Alex: The first year of university I found wonderful. University is a place to learn many things, both socially and academically. Yes it has its challenges but overall it’s a very rewarding experience.

The course is mostly comprised of academically inclined students, many of which have achieved the state’s top ATAR scores. To be able to study alongside them feels like a great privilege to have, albeit very overwhelming at times.

YOTS: What is your chosen field of study and briefly describe what it is about?

Alex: Biomedicine.

The course allows us to study the structures and functions of the human body, and to have understanding of molecular, genetic and environmental influences of contemporary issues in health and disease.

YOTS: Tell us, what did you achieve during the year? And how did you feel finishing the year with second class honours?

Alex: I am disappointed not to have received first class honours, and hope to work a little harder onwards to achieve this. I’m happy nonetheless that I didn’t fail the year, considering the high standards my peers and the university has set.

YOTS: What was your secret to success last year?

Alex: Trying to keep up is hard. This sounds contradictory, and I in no means pulled it off, but study hard, sleep, don’t neglect your social life.

YOTS: What piece of advice would you pass on to other students thinking about doing science?

Alex: Continuously learn.

Science is a continually changing field. Some content I have learnt has already become irrelevant or superseded. Nonetheless understanding the fundamental key concepts that cornerstone each field, and subfield is critical. Make sure you keep to the academic rules.

YOTS: What are your plans over the next few years?

Alex: Finishing the course would be nice! Most likely postgraduate studies in medical research, or a Medical degree.

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